Fenugreek & coconut mix (no yeast)

Our munch mix is special; all the natural galactagogues minus brewer's yeast. Included is dried fenugreek leaves and powder, coconut, fennel and more. We've also added turmeric for all the healing properties this wonder spice provides. 

Simply grab a tablespoon of this mix and munch on it.

You'll need:
Add a tablespoon of munch mix to your favorite smoothie, soup or cereal. Great to carry in your bag for when you and your milk need a pick me up. 
Ingredients: Organic desiccated coconut flakes (47%), organic black sesame seeds, organic flaxseeds, organic fennel seeds, fenugreek powder (7%), dried fenugreek leaves (6%), organic turmeric powder, organic black pepper powder and salt.

15 servings per package

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