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Breastfeeding mixes

Our smoothie mixes are easy to prepare and store. Our ingredients include natural ‘Galactagogues’ or milk enhancing foods that have been known to promote milk supply in nursing mothers. Our munch mix has no yeast and is great for mums who suffer from thrush and recurring fungal infections. Combined with other healthy elements and the option of tailoring to your diet type, these snacks are great to have in your pantry and consume as required. 

Dairy, nut, egg, wheat free. Vegan.

MATA ~ Post Birth Healing foods

Natural post birth foods rooted in Eastern philosophies (Ayurveda and beyond) for all Mothers

Coming home with a newborn, nothing really prepares you for those first few days after birthing. And that’s when I truly understood and experienced what my mother meant by “40 days post birth confinement for healing”. The elements in these recipes hold together stories, anecdotes, memories and smells of my childhood, the learnings from the girl before baby and the woman after birthing. 

Dairy, egg, wheat free. Vegan.