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We are a small team of dreamers, travelers, parents and life lovers. And let’s not forget foodies. Over the course of pregnancy and birth, the challenges of keeping up milk supply, eating healthy and replenishing the body post birth was (and still is) important. 

I’m inspired by my childhood spent in Iran and the Middle East, India, South East Asia and North America. I hope to tell my story through exotic spices, mixes and blends. Everywhere I’ve lived food has played such a vital role in making memories, building relationships, learning new languages and connecting with people and their traditions. And now here we are…a small business in Melbourne, Australia. So thank you for supporting us.

The quest for natural milk promoting foods brought about the breastfeeding mixes. While experiencing the practice of 40 days (or confinement period) post birth brought about the MATA products in our range

With our Lactation products (smoothie and munch mixes) we hope to help mothers with their milk supply. Of course every woman’s body is different and therefore there could be varying results. We provide all the dry ingredients – you simply add the rest at home. Long shelf life, easy to prepare and great baby shower gift make these mixes a unique gift to give an expectant mother. Not breastfeeding? You can also enjoy these as they’re packed with nutritious ingredients. Additionally, it’s always wise to check with your physician to better understand the reasons for possible low milk supply.

When I gave birth to my son, I followed the “Confinement” or “40 days” practice as do most women in Eastern Cultures. In one word it was AMAZING. And I’d like you to experience this too through the MATA products.

MATA ("Mother" in Sanskrit) products are for all mothers. Based on ancient recipes rooted in Eastern Philosophies (Ayurveda and more) these products bring together spices and foods from the Middle East, India and beyond representing the years I’ve spent traveling and immersing myself in the cultures and the way of living. Now that I’m home in Australia away from my home(s), I find myself connecting with family and friends around the globe through "bread" that we once shared together.

PS: I really dislike the word “confinement” as it feels and sounds so negative so I refer to it as “Mothering the Mother”.

 I hope you enjoy our products as much as we have loved putting it together for you.

 ...For my little Buddha...


"Milk Mama cookies are delicious and definitely increase my milk supply within a few hours - much to my toddler's delight!" - Jessica B

"An outstanding product that I recommend to all my clients" - 
Catina, Midwife and MCH nurse

 "I needed to increase my milk supply as expressing just wasn't happening, and I want to encourage my 6 month old bubba to take a bottle every now and then! I have used the smoothie mix twice and easily expressed double what I would normally in the same time frame! Thankyou! Love this magic mixture!!" - Melanie S

 "I need to order a new batch! Super easy and YUMMY, I tried the cranberry, choc chip and walnut quick bake cookies and I can't believe how much of a difference having a cookie or two a day with my (cold) coffee made. Milk supply increased so I was feeding normally and could pump and freeze too. Definitely recommended by this tired, time poor, not a good cook mum! Plus, a little extra MILK and cookies never hurt." - Christine T

 "The smoothie is a must have for me every afternoon - healthy, easy and yummy! Happy going-strong-breastfeeding-mother of a 3 year old" - Ada S

 "My baby had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks while she got better. My milk supply was getting low, I tried fenugreek but it didn't work for me. My sister sent me your smoothie mix (I'm in the US) and OMG! I have milk and more to pump and store. THANK YOU! - Tami W

 "I haven't had any of your products but I made them for my best friend as a snack for her hospital bag. She (and her partner) went through them at the hospital. I'm glad to have gotten her something she actually used and enjoyed" - Nimmi K

 "My five year old loves baking and eating the 'mummy's cookies' with me. Glad they're healthy too!"  - Jac J